LibraryModule Library AimmsXLLibrary

Library Module Library_AimmsXLLibrary

This library allows the direct handling of excel sheets.

Comparison with the existing intrinsic AIMMS spreadsheet functions

Main advantages:

  • Excel is not needed. Esp.: Can be used in (PRO) environment where excel is not available.

Main disadvantages:

  • Formula results are not updated. Since excel is not used.

  • No support for macros

Main limitations:

  • No support for indexed and compound sets

Excel location syntax

  • cells: letters followed by numbers,

    • Leading and trailing whitespace is allowed.

    • Named ranges, single cell ranges and sheet prefixes are not supported.

  • ranges: either a named range, a cell or two cells separated by a colon.


"A5:A3" is identical to "A3:A5". Values will be written top down in both cases.